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Portfolio Design

Portfolio Design

The Financial Plan provides a general recommendation of the type of portfolio that you need, based on your risk tolerance and return needs.  The general recommendation is what is known as a portfolio allocation, which illustrates how investments should be allocated to specific segments of the market.  Some examples of segments include Large Cap U.S. Growth Stocks, Foreign stocks in developed markets, the U.S. bond market and so on. In portfolio design, we take the recommended allocation and use it to formulate an investment policy statement which sets the overall investment strategy. From this, then we formulate the client's specific investment recommendations. 

We provide recommendations and then execute transactions upon approval by you, the client.

  • We provide an asset allocation plan designed using modern portfolio theory and another method if you prefer.
  • We integrate your financial sophistication level, risk tolerance, tax situation and investment style preferences.
  • We will utilize active and or passive investment strategies.
  • We provide quarterly performance reports and quarterly asset allocation reviews.
  • We will help you become educated about financial strategies that are appropriate for you.

In Portfolio Design, we take the recommended  allocation and use it to formulate an investment policy statement which sets the overall investment strategy.  From this, then we formulate your specific investment recommendations.  Specific considerations within the investment policy statement typically include:

  • Risk Tolerance, including the ability and willingness to take risk.
  • Return needs as outlined in your comprehensive plan.
  • Tax considerations, typically focused on maximizing after-tax returns.
  • Time horizon over which portfolio will fund needs.
  • Liquidity needs in the short-term.
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